EN3: Yearplan

Year plan

This is my year plan for an 8th grade. The year plan covers all the common objectives (FFM) for the age group and is largely focused on the intercultural aspect of English. On this side you will find a visual overview, and two versions of the of the year plan. There is a version for the parent were they can see the title of the teaching sequences, common objectives (FFM), a short introduction and the lessons spend on each sequence. In the teacher version there is the same as the parents version but also my notes were I wright down my ideas and tools for each teaching sequences. The teacher version is a dynamic tool and it is meant to chance and develop throughout the year.

Visual overview

The parrents version of the year plan in PDF

Yearplan 17-18 English parents version

Teachcer version of my the year plan in PDF

Yearplan 17-18 English teacher version