EN4: Teaching Sequence

Teaching Sequence

Age group: 8th grade

Lessons: 12 lessons of 45 min

This teaching sequence can be prolonged if the students’ needs more scaffolding with reading graphic novels or if the students find Graphic novels interacting they can make their own by using Pixton on SkoleTube.

The teaching sequence mainly is about Scott Pilgrim and the genre graphic novels and covers the Common objectives for text and media, linguistic strategies and reading.

The reason I have decided to make a teaching sequence with Scot pilgrim is, firstly, the Scott Pilgrim series was first published as a graphic novel and not just a novel, so the ganger was chosen to tell this story. Secondly, the themes in the book are universal. Thirdly, the intertextual references in the series are mostly based on video games and might appeal to the gamers in the classroom. Fourthly, I really wanted to find a graphic novel that had film, so that we can work with extracts from the graphic novel series and watch the film, to fill in the gaps.