EN4 -Foreign language education

Kort beskrivelse af EN 4 fra studieordningen

Dette modul arbejder med følgende spørgsmål:

  • Hvordan planlægger og gennemfører man engelskundervisning tilpasset forskellige målgrupper?
  • Hvordan begrunder, evaluerer og udvikler man engelskundervisning tilpasset forskellige målgrupper?
  • Hvilken indflydelse har fagsynet på den praktiske tilrettelæggelse af engelskundervisningen?
  • Hvordan motiverer man indholdet i sprogundervisningen?Udgangspunktet er engelskundervisning i relation til faget i folkeskolen og læreruddannelsen, herunder fag- og sprogsyn. Fokus er sprogundervisning i et aldersspecialiseret perspektiv.Der arbejdes teoretisk såvel som erfaringsbaseret med
  • de studerendes tekstkompetence .
  • lærerens rolle som læringsleder og didaktisk designer i engelskundervisningen.Der arbejdes desuden løbende med den studerendes egen sproglige udvikling i lyset af modulets indholdsområder.

    19th of January

    Personal reflection

    This module is the last module before I become an English teacher. That is a very frightening statement for me and I don’t feel ready yet. This semester I would like to focus on how I want to present myself as a teacher i.e. my “teacher profile” as Anders Chami would call it. I do not have a student job at a school which would be a good way of getting practise, but I have some other ideas on how I can improve my teacher profile.

    Firstly, I would like to put a lot of energy in to all my presentations to practise standing in front of a classroom and having a dialog with students. In this I have to practise making instructions clearly in starting activities.

    Secondly, I have to practise making good PowerPoints or other ways of presenting in the classroom. Because of my dyslexia I have a very difficult time writhing on the board and therefore I would like to be good at PowerPoints, to save time and look more professional in front of my class.

    Lastly, I need to focus on my grammar. I simply do not feel that I have the skills to guide and correct students. I feel very insecure about this and I am afraid that that will shine through.

    20th of April

    Personal reflection

    I just had my last class of English. This is a really frightening experience, but I feel more ready that I did in the beginning of the semester. I have been really busy because I have been planning my exchange to Bath Spa University next semester. All in all I think I am ready to be an English teacher and especially whit focus on the intercultural aspect of the subject. In terms of my goals I haven don very well.

    My first goal was to be well prepared for my presentations. This goal changes over the months and I decided to challenged myself with not being so prepared as I usual. This was to see if I could teach with my pre-knowledge and not just because I had just read everything about it, and I think I did ok.

    My second goal was to use more digital tools. I also did not do well on this goal. I have tried to get more familiar with Prezi but only used it one time so that was not so good. I do think I have the abilities necessary to use other PowerPoint like tools without much work, but I did not find the time this semester.

    My last goal was practice my grammar both systematic and functional. In this goal I succeeded. I used some of my time at Hovedstadens Orblindeskole to practice my systematic grammar knowledge and just focus on the word gropes. When speaking of functional grammar I am still not really good but I am better than in the beginning of the semester and I have set aside some days to practice functional grammar before my exam.