Issues in education studies

Introduction to the module form the Handbook

This is the level five core module for all Education Studies students. The module will further develop your understanding of the purposes and processes of education introduced in the Year 1 core module through examining substantive issues in education. You will critically engage with the nature of governance and policy in education systems, and with ideological influences on educational reform. You will examine the development and implementation of educational policies and initiatives at international, national and local levels

Issues in education studies Handbook

My thoughts on the module

This module was different from my other modules, because it was more an introduction to a lot of dilemmas with in Education Studies. We never whet in to depth with any of the issues, in any of the seminars, but it was useful to see what issues effects education and then I went in to depth with OECDs PISA assessments and Social Justice in my assignments.

List of issues that were covord in the module

  • Poliocy borrowing and PISA
  • Change and choice in education
  • Transitions from primary to secondary school
  • Post-compulsory education
  • Social justice and education
  • Dimensions of equality and inequality
  • Gender and identity
  • Class and education
  • Race and education
  • Inclusion