LG1 -KLM Livsfilosofi

Kort beskrivelse af LG 1 fra studieordningen

LG 1:Dannelse i den mangfoldige skole (Kristendom, livsfilosofi og medborgerskab)

Modulet introducerer til analyser af folkeskolens formål, demokrati og medborgerskab i et idéhistorisk, dannelsesteoretisk og professionsetisk perspektiv. Centralt i modulet står den studerendes arbejde med at forholde sig til skolens værdier og relatere dem til lærerprofessionen med respekt for den kulturelle og religiøse mangfoldighed, der aktuelt præger skolen og samfundet.

A brief review of what we did in LG1

Citizenship and democracy (medborgerskab)

The first part of this subject we talked about: What constitutes a nation?  Why or why not should citizenship education be part of the curriculum? And what is the philosophy behind the idea of human rights? It was very interesting to be introduced to Denmark and the Danish Folkeskole form a new perspective. I have never been to a Folkeskole so just learning more about it and reading “The Aims of the Folkeskole” in depth with some new and different angles were really interesting.

Especially in Citizenship and democracy our 5 exchange students from Austria and Germany were a really big help and had a lot of interesting ideas and new angles that I hadn’t thought of before. We allso watched a documentary called Welcome to the Danish Folkeskole” that gave a good introduktion to the Folkeskole.

During this subject Eva, Emil and I presented about UNESCO.

Philosophy of life

In the second part of LG1 we debated Philosophy of life. We had 3 philosophers N.F.S. Grundtvig, Søren Kierkegaard, and Knud Ejler Løgstru.

First we had about Grundtvig and because I have been to a Folke High School this were fairly easy for me, but I really like Grundtvigs philosophy. I was surprised how influential he has been to the Danish school system and actually the entire Danish culture.

Then came Kierkegaard and existentialism. Existentialism as a philosophical discipline derives from the works of Kierkegaard, making his contributions invaluable in the European school of thought. Existentialism is always a bit of a gloomy subject, but fun to debate Kierkegaard and Grundtvig and how they have affected the Danish school system.

Unfortunately we missed a lesson about Løgstrup, so had to glace over it pretty quickly. We compared Kierkegaard and Løgstrup philosophies and in particular with regards to teaching, ethics and the philosophy of life in schools.


In this last part of the LG1 we talked about the importins of keeping a myth a myth and not to say them and us. The two religions we talked about were Christianity and Islam. Frist of all we went in to depth with the myth of creation in Christianity and talked about what they were about. I was confirmed in a Lutheran Church so Christianity went very difficult, but we had some good conversations in class about it. Unfortunately we missed a class again and this was about Islam. I was really looking forward to that class and the videos we saw before class were so good. It was so good I hope that we are going to work with it in LG3.