EN1: Teaching sequence

Grammar teaching sequence– Learning the ordinal numbers and dates.

My initial thoughts:

This teaching sequence is a follow up on the teaching I did in my teaching practice, on Lindevangskolen. The goal for that teaching sequence was “The students are familiar with the genre biography and can find important information in a biography text.”  By the end of the sequence the students handed in their own biography about a historical hero. The student text varied a lot, but one of the areas, almost all, had problems with were writhing the dates. Therefore I have decided to make a teaching sequence there would have played out the on the 2 following Thursdays, while the rest of the week we would have been working on a new subject.

Lesson One

My reflections on lesson one:

Underneath I will wright the assignment name and my reason why I added it to my teaching sequence.

Start: I usually give myself and the students 5 min. to get settled and find their notebooks because is often needed, I will also explain the students way we are working with this subject and that it is only for tow Thursdays.

Introduction to writing dates: I like starting out with an introduction to the subject and explicitly tell them about the grammar roll and the difference between British and American English. In the introduction I will talk about the date 9/11 that some of them might have heard of.

Looking at authentic text: looking at authentic test is all ways good because that means that the students get a sense that English can help them reach the rest of the world. In this exercise there are eight dates they have to look at and work out if they are American or British. I wand the student to know that there are two ways of doing dates so they are able to read the different dates but I will encourage them to use the British in there diary.

Sum up on the exercise: I like to just to check in with all the students together in class so the students have an opportunity to share what they found.

Introducing the ordinal numbers: I have also decided to keep the ordinal numbers as a part of this teaching sequence, but I haven’t found any authentic text were they have used it. When I learned to wright the dates we learned that we always should use them when using dates and I can see now that it is not so black and white.  The reason way I still think it is important is because it is still very useful and it is a good writing tool to use firstly, secondly and so on.

Homework: I am usually not a big fan of giving homework, maybe because I never got homework myself as a student or because I have been to too many classes were I was the only one that had read.  The reason way I think it makes sense in this teaching sequence is because, they have to wright and I believe that 5th C (the class that I worked with) would actually get it done on time.

Lesson two

My reflections on lesson two:

Underneath I will wright the assignment name and my reason why I added it to my teaching sequence.

Start: Again, giving myself and the students 5 min. to get settled and hand in their notebooks because it is often needed, and if they are all in their seats ready to learn I can just add it to one of the other assignments.

Refreshing the months: In 5th C they had a song about the month that they knew really well so we would sing it while it is playing on the smartboard. The lyrics and melody is playing to give some visual as well as the audio input.

Translating dates: This exercise is a simple translation exercise. The students firstly; have to translate all of the dates in to British English. Secondly, they have to wright the two last letters in the ordinal number that some of them might have chosen not to include in the first exercise, and lastly if some of the students are really good they can translate them in to American English. I like to make the list of dates by using the students birthdays and see if they figure it out, but that’s just a bit of fun for me and not so much the students.

Ball game with the ordinal numbers: In the new folkeskolelov we are supposed to get the students outside and moving, that is why I have decided to have a ball game in this teaching sequence. I have come up with this ball game on my own and would like to try it out with the students and fine tune it.

Finishing up: Here we just have a bit of time to talk about the excise they did before the game, and maybe they have figured out that it was their birthdays.