EN3: Theme

Intercultural, cross-curricular and innovative media projects

Theme by Sara, Linnea and Ditte

Theme structure

The theme is divided into 3 steps.
Step 1: The starting point for this theme is the students and how they identify them self. The goal of the frist step is to gain knowledge about identifying and that one’s own identity is complex.

Step 2: In this step we work with judgments and prejudices, and how that affects our identity. We wandt to open up for identities and work with what role our society and media give us and our identity.

Step 3: At the end of this themewe will be working with representations of others and comparing and analyzing representations in our society. We will sum up on values and why people represent each other different and the openness when meeting others/ and other culture.

Step 1 activity:

Pre-task: In class we talk about identity and identifying. I will have my example of the product they are going to make on the board. The product is a mind map with illustrations and words that describe there identity. In the pre-task could the students get 3 mins to make some fast writing where they have to keep writing about what they identify with.

During-task: The students get an Ipad or a computer to make there own mind map with headlines and illustrations. During the take they have to write down if there is anything they identify with but don’t want on the mind map. This can be used in step to of the theme.

Post- task: The students have to show there mind map to two of their fellow students and explain why they Identify with the things on the mind map.

Step 3 activity:

In step 3 we want our students to be able to see how society and people represents others and which values they put on others and compare them to the values the groups themselves think they have, then they have to talk about why people analyze others and in the end they have to try to make a representation of another group themselves.

Pre-task: Plenum: Talk about different groups in our society, how are they represent and by whom, What have you heard about them, what are negative and what are good, how are they represented and why? Which prejudices can you find, what values are other people presenting the groups with.

Groups like: Harre Krishna, Kristentlig dagsblad, muslims, feminism ect.

During-activity: Find a group of our society and then find out what they say about themselves and what others say about them – Compare, Who is right, who is wrong, Why are they not represented in the same way when it is the same group, which feelings do you think people have, why does other people have a meaning about this group.

Make a new representation about this group, this could be an blog or vlog. Represent this group with the key values where you find a mix between the said things.

Post-task: Show and talk with others from the class about your representation – now make a list of other values you can focus on when representing others – how do we avoid stereotyping.